How to buy clothes wholesale from Turkey according to the AL beyan Fashion sales system

مقدمة : يعد شراء ملابس بالجملة من تركيا عبر الإنترنت طريقة رائعة للعثور على أفضل العروض والحصول على أحدث اتجاهات الموضة.وتوفير النفقات. إذا كنت من الدول التالية: (فلسطين، ليبيا، المغرب، العراق، لبنان، الإمارات، الأردن، سلطنة عمان)؟ ,
و تبحث عن موقع لشراء ملابس بالجملة من تركيا من خلال الانترنت ، فانت قد وصلت للموقع الاول Albeyan Fashıon بتركيا لتوريد الملابس بالجملة وتصديرها إلى التجار لجميع أنحاء العالم. سوف نساعدك و نبدأ بترتيب الخطوات لتتسوق بشكل آمن ومضمون.

The steps required to start preparing the initial invoice for the purchase order

The first step:

  1. Select models from Our store By clicking on the Add to invoice button.
  2. Go to Shopping cart By clicking on The appeared basket button on the storefront, complete the required steps and confirm the order.
  3. A proforma invoice will be sent to the buyer's email as well as the WhatsApp number assigned to complete the order.
  4. The client should contact the office Shipping company In his country and open an account with them called (Code), and pay a deposit of 30% of the initial invoice value in his account with them in favor of our company in exchange for starting processing and preparing your order.
  5. The customer sends us the payment receipt and the code number of the Shipping company On WhatsApp.
Shipping companies approved by our company

Steps to start processing the order :

  1. After checking that the buyer has paid the advance payment (deposit) in his account with the shipping company for the benefit of our company to start preparing the order.
  2. A WhatsApp group will be created with the buyer to proceed with the start of order preparation.
  3. Photograph the models available on the reality of each model separately and send photos to the buyer in order to see and approve the colors he wishes to book.
  4. In case some models are not available for booking all or part of them due to the expiration of the quantity. Other alternatives will be proposed at the request of the buyer.
كيفية شراء ملابس جملة من تركيا؟:

Steps of processing the order before delivery to the shipping company :

  1. Make sure of all cutting sizes.
  2. Check the total number of pieces.
  3. Packing the goods tightly and well 

Payment and shipping procedures :

  1. The final invoice is sent to the buyer.
  2. The buyer pays the rest of the value of his final invoice in his account at Shipping company A payment notification is sent to us.
  3. Delivery of the goods by type and number to the Office of the shipping company approved by the buyer.
  4. A receipt for the delivery of goods is sent to the buyer.
  5. You Shipping company By shipping the goods and delivering them to the buyer in his country according to the approved address, and the customer pays the shipping fees.
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  1. It was my first experience in the clothing trade and the frankness of dealing with it was not the most wonderful, honesty and transparency in dealing and a harmonious and joined team

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