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Avoiding legal problems when importing Turkish clothes wholesale

General tips for all those wishing to import clothes from Turkey, especially for owners of companies and official stores in the EU countries, America, Canada Australia, England


Turkish clothes are among the most popular wholesale goods in the world markets, and the process of importing them can be a profitable and rewarding experience. Albeyan Fashion company is interested in providing a successful and sustainable business experience to its customers. For this reason, we emphasize the importance of complying with the local tax and customs laws in the client's country when importing Turkish clothing wholesale. 

In this article, we will discuss some tips and guidelines to ensure a successful and trouble-free import experience. And how Albeyan Fashion can help you achieve success in this field.

The need to comply with tax and customs laws and legislation

Avoid tax and legal problems by familiarizing yourself with the Customs and tax laws of the client's country and adhering to them. Your familiarity with local laws and legislation makes the import process smoother and safer

Dealing with law-abiding companies
Anyone around the world can access corporate websites and make purchases with ease, but you should pay attention that some companies are not in compliance with the tax and customs laws of the client's country, and companies may be exposed to legal and tax problems if they do not comply with the official procedures of international trade.

Commitment to formalities and international trade
Your commitment to official procedures and international trade ensures the avoidance of tax problems and tax evasion. You should make sure to request all the required official documents and Customs invoices when importing Turkish clothes in bulk. Keep it later when you receive the goods to present it to the tax accountant in charge of your company

The role of Albeyan Fashion in achieving success
Albeyan Fashion company plays a crucial role in achieving success in the wholesale import of Turkish clothing. The company provides valuable information and guidance to ensure a safe and comfortable buying experience for its customers. By cooperating with contracted shipping companies to officially export goods, albeyan Fashion customers can be assured of the safe arrival of goods to the destination country.

Albeyan Fashion advises all customers who own official companies in their countries to avoid tax problems and tax evasion when buying products from outside their countries. We recommend that you transfer the funds officially and import them officially in the same amount as the money sent, by submitting all the required official documents and Customs invoices.

When sending money from your company account to a company account abroad, such as Turkey or any other country, you should make sure that you receive goods with a customs invoice corresponding to the value of the amount sent. If the customs invoice carries a value less than the amount sent, your company may be exposed to accusations of tax evasion, as this is considered a violation of tax laws. To maintain your compliance with the laws, because it is considered an illegal modification of the real value of the transaction. For example, if you transfer 1000 dollars, you should receive goods with customs invoices for 1000 dollars as well. To avoid these problems, it is advisable to obtain all the required official documents and Customs invoices and make sure that their value corresponds to the amount sent. This way, you can avoid possible legal problems and ensure a successful import process.

It is important to mention here that you should avoid writing customs invoices with a value lower than the actual value of the goods, as this can cause significant problems if the goods are lost during shipment. In this case, the responsible shipping company will compensate the customer only for the value of the goods mentioned in the customs invoice, and will not be responsible for compensating any difference between the invoice value and the actual value of the goods. Thus, the client may lose a significant amount of money،

We are based at Albeyan Fashion company
By taking all necessary measures to export goods from Turkey officially. Shipping companies contracted with us are responsible for customs clearance operations in the client's country. In case of customs duties, the representative of the shipping company will inform the customer to pay them officially.
Provide customer support and necessary guidance:
At Albeyan Fashion, we take care to provide the necessary support to our clients to ensure a smooth and trouble-free trading experience. We provide guidance on official procedures and local laws related to import and export.

Cooperation with Albeyan Fashion is the ideal option to meet your needs in the field of wholesale import of Turkish clothing. By adhering to official procedures and international trade correctly and responsibly, you can avoid possible tax and legal problems and benefit from a successful and profitable import experience. Albeyan Fashion is a reliable partner that guarantees you high quality products, competitive prices, as well as exceptional customer service that facilitates the import process.

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