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Demand for men's clothing will overtake women's by 2026

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The men's clothing industry continues to grow with changing habits and new investments of market players. According to Euromonitor, global menswear is expected to grow faster than women's in the next four years, reaching a market of 547.9 billion dollars by 2026. On the other hand, sector representatives in Turkey stated that changing clothing habits with the pandemic are also affecting the sector.

PANDEMIC has changed the habits in menswear and the menswear market has also had its share of changing trends in the past few years. Men's clothing, which has shown rapid growth in recent years, is expected to surpass the growth in women's clothing by 2026, reaching a market of 547.9 billion dollars in this period.

Choosing the most comfortable clothes for business life and shopping for Suits postponed during the pandemic are among the factors that increase the market. Hilal surdim, vice chairman of Kiğılı, said, " it is natural that the men's clothing industry is growing faster than women's clothing. The need for a style arose. Therefore, I think that this change, which has affected the whole world, will gradually increase its impact on shopping habits, “he said.

Men's clothing will overtake women in growth© by Hurriyet

High demand for classic clothes

The chairman of the ready-to-wear and Clothing Industry Council TOBB Turkey, Sherif Fiat, also drew attention to the postponement of shopping after the pandemic: “while talking about the recession in Europe and the technical recession in the United States, there is a serious contraction in the demand for speed. Fashion products. However, the demand for classic clothes is still high. The reason is that during the pandemic period, it was not possible to attend weddings, parties and official meetings for 2.5-3 years, preferably wearing more comfortable clothes. Therefore, people's deferred shopping has become active “ " he said. Fiat says that there will be gradual increases in the winter months due to energy prices; he noted that growth in the sector will come from exports.

Rest should be available

Shopping preferences have also changed trends and along with unisex products, designs have emerged in which comfort is at the forefront. Skinny jeans and fitted suits were replaced by wide trousers, loose T-shirts and casual clothes. The launch of more sporty designs by luxury brands such as Zegna in men's clothing has been effective in prioritizing comfort. Noting that the trend of casual and sportswear, which has increased in recent years, will continue for a while, Suerdem said, “comfort and convenience are indispensable now in fashion, and the changing clothing habits over the past two years have greatly influenced the market. The rapid rise of sportswear brands clearly reflects this situation. Now, the waist of suit pants is elastic or with a drawstring, the concept of classic shoes had to be completely replaced by sneakers. A difficult process will await those who cannot keep up with these developments and changes, which will also affect their market share, and those who do not update themselves.

Men's clothing will overtake women in growth© by Hurriyet

Increasing interest in sustainable materials

Mustafa gultepe, president of the Turkish Exporters Association (TIM) and the Istanbul ready-to-wear Exporters Association (IHKIB), stated that men's clothing constitutes one of the most important subcategories in the ready-to-wear and clothing industry. , He said: clothing exports have suffered significant blood loss with the epidemic. Global men's clothing exports amounted to 50.9 billion dollars in 2020 and 57 billion dollars in 2021. Along with the Pandemic, there have been changes in customer expectations and habits in men's clothing, as in all categories. We note an increase in demand for comfortable and active clothing products in this category. We expect that the interest in long-lasting environmentally friendly products made of sustainable materials will gradually increase in the coming period. In the exports of our country, we are faced with a picture parallel to the global one. Turkey exported 2 billion 109 million dollars of men's clothing and 5 billion 961 billion dollars of women's clothing in 2021.

Men's clothing will overtake women in growth© by Hurriyet

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